Saturday, October 12, 2019

The need for speed

It turns out I'm in the middle of an epic battle for second place, after the first day's excitement. Andrea is, not unexpectedly, far and away ahead of everyone else, after some mind-blowing scores (ten packs and thirty cards of an eleventh in ten minutes!), but there are six of us fighting for the other places on the podium...

And with spoken numbers, images and speed cards tomorrow, it really looks like I'll have to get a good time in the cards to secure second place. I've been decidedly hit and miss with speed cards in competitions lately, but maybe this would be a good time to improve that personal best? It's been 24.97 seconds for ten years now. I've very literally stood still while everybody else surged ahead!

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jack ketch said...

(ten packs and thirty cards of an eleventh in ten minutes!)

and there's me hoping today to break the 10 Minute barrier for a single deck! Mind you, I have only been doing it a month and only half an hour daily at that. Oh well, the fact you must be one of the oldest (or 'venerable' if you prefer) contestants on that list is inspiring as I am in my 50s. Good luck today, Ben.