Friday, March 18, 2011

Sky 1 announcement

"As it's Comic Relief night, our Comedy Friday is taking a break this week..."

Anyway, I'm only watching Sky because I'm taking a break from trawling through my spare room. I've got at least three credit cards that were last seen lying on the floor in there, about a year ago, and it occurred to me that I should find them and put them somewhere safe in case I need them. Trouble is, I think I might have done this exercise six months ago, and if so, I have no idea where the somewhere safe was. So the good news is that it's extremely safe, but the bad news is that if I ever find myself in a position of needing to use credit cards (which, when you're voluntarily jobless, can sometimes happen), I'll just have to get a new one. Or steal one from someone else. Or make a fake one using an old video box. That'd work.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are Amazon spying on me?

They sent me a recommended-reading email with Moonwalking With Einstein and a lot of similar memory-themed books this morning. But I've never bought a memory book from Amazon - I don't buy memory books, as a rule, I just wait for people to give them to me. It's worrying.

Anyway, let's all congratulate Nelson Dellis for winning the US Memory Championship at the weekend! The first US Champion to be a regular reader of my blog without the regular reading being at least partly in order to write a book about it! This would also be a good time to remind everyone that Nelson is climbing Mount Everest, just like his namesake famously climbed that big giant column in Trafalgar Square. Go and wish him luck! And give money to the Alzheimer's Association!