Thursday, November 07, 2019

Our Pathetic Age

Do you know what happened eight years ago this coming Saturday? That was the day I recorded the single coolest and best illustration of the kind of thing memory people visualise when they're memorising a pack of cards! Actually, a surprising number (ie greater than zero) of people do remember that, and it's currently being discussed on the Art of Memory forum, which is always nice to see! Let's share it with the world again, in case anyone hasn't seen it in this pathetic age of ours.

DJ Shadow "Scale It Back" from Ewan Jones Morris on Vimeo.

DJ Shadow has a new album out on the 15th, which nobody has asked me to make a music video for, but I'm sure it's wonderful. As a thank-you to the man who bought this bizarre concept for a video in 2011 from the visionary directors Ewan Jones Morris and Casey Redmond, please everyone go out and buy "Our Pathetic Age" next Friday!

Tuesday, November 05, 2019


I've got this week off work, more to use up my remaining annual-leave days before the end of the year than because I particularly need to do anything, so I thought I'd devote the week to some interesting writing projects  - and have in fact spent the whole time so far cheerfully procrastinating and doing nothing. But I feel entirely entitled to do that anyway, since I could stay in bed all week if I really wanted to. Anything I do is impressively productive!

I really should blog about things a bit more often, though...