Sunday, June 12, 2011

Can I have a B, please, Bob?

They're showing old episodes of Blockbusters on that quiz-themed TV channel, Challenge! That really was one of the greatest quiz shows ever made, and they really should bring it back. When I was in the first year at school, our form prefect was on Blockbusters - I can't remember what her name was (might have been Lesley) or whether she won anything, but the idea of knowing someone who'd been on telly was really sensational at the time.

A question from today's episode - "What E was invented in 1887 by Lazarus Zamenhof in hope that it would become the world's universal language?"

Suggested answer from Thomas - "English?"

I've always wanted to go on Blockbusters. I got most of the questions right on this one, so I'm sure I'd win big piles of money (£5 per correct answer) and lots of Gold Runs. It'd be great!