Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The magnificent Marc

It's always nice to see from Blogger's stats page that somebody's been looking through my blog for a subject dear to my heart, so it's a delight to see that my various previous posts about "Marc", VHS cover artist beyond compare, have been getting some attention.

For the sake of completeness, I should mention some more of his works that I've known about for ages but never mentioned here - you can see reviews of some videos blessed with his (or her - all we have to go on is the signature "MARC", after all) eye-catching cover creations here, here and here. The last of them is particularly interesting - while in the first two he just copies a few random still-frames from the movie and combines them into a collage, when it comes to Mysterious Planet, he spreads his wings a bit further:

I had thought at first that the central figure was Rambo, but I think what Marc has actually done is take Arnold Schwarzenegger from Predator, and give him long hair. Unless there's another more direct source out there?

I don't recognise the spaceship and planet, but they're almost certainly cut-and-pasted from an illustrated sci-fi book of some kind; there were a lot of them with gorgeous painted artwork like that produced in the seventies.

One day, I'll have an art gallery populated entirely by Marc video covers!