Thursday, September 27, 2018

More German memories

I really should recap the second day of the German Memory Open, before it recedes entirely into the mists of forgetfulness. After the marathons of day one, we had five shorter disciplines to cover - spoken numbers was arranged very nicely, with one room for German and one for English; I got a respectable 111. I was more or less respectable all round, in fact, score-wise (need to get some new jeans, though, they're developing holes that are going to make me very not respectable-looking before long) - still at the kind of 75% level I experienced in Korea. 156 words, 243 in speed numbers, 62 dates and 30.28 seconds in speed cards are nothing to be sneezed at, but only good enough for fourth place in the overall scores.

The top two were Simon and Christian, while third was Bastian, who is definitely someone to watch out for in the near future. Boris would have finished comfortably above me too, if he hadn't missed the first three disciplines. But I came away with three silver medals (30-minute cards, spoken numbers and speed cards) and a nice bit of practice to get me in shape for the future, so all is good!

Next stop Gothenburg! Yes, payday tomorrow, I'll spend my not-very-hard-earned cash on a visit to Sweden!