Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I'm in a hotel

It's all part of a clever plan. You see, I've found myself spending the last several days doing absolutely nothing - lying around watching telly and eating everything I could lay my hands on. And I've got a huge amount of things that absolutely need to be done before I go away on holiday on the 15th. There's memorising things for my BBC show (and that has to be done by the 10th), there's Cambridge Memory Championship preparation, and there's cleaning all the rubbish out of my flat so my brother has room to move, and there's other things too.

So I booked myself a cheap hotel in Nottingham, I got here about six, and just as I planned, all my lethargy dissipated with the change of scenery, and I've spent the evening memorising BBC things. It's half past ten now, and this is the first time I've even considered logging on to the internet. I'm proud of myself. And tomorrow I'm going to shut myself in here until I've done everything that I can do on a laptop, and then I'm going home to clean the flat and do some 'normal' memory training. I'm great.