Thursday, November 01, 2018

On the subject of catchy tunes

In the office today, someone observed that everyone knows the Jurassic Park music. I said that I don't think I do, upon which everybody chorused "Der der der der der, der der der der der", and I had to admit I did vaguely remember it.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Less talk, more whistling

I had to do an unusual amount of talking at work today, and it's given me a sore throat. Do I really talk so little that it does me harm when I do it? I need to talk more.

Also, what is with that Colgate toothpaste advert I just saw on TV that uses the Caillou theme tune as background music? Also, why do I immediately recognise the Caillou theme tune when I hear it on telly? It's an American pre-school cartoon that I've never watched with any kind of regularity, even though I watch a lot more American pre-school cartoons than normal people. It's obviously really catchy.