Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hooray for me!

I'm the best othello player in the world! Well, to put it another way, of the four people who came to the Cambridge regional today, I was the best. Which is just as good. And they were good players, too, not just some bunch of idiots I dragged in off the street and forced to play me at othello.

The Cambridge regional used to be the one that got the biggest turnout, but just these last two years it's started to be in danger of dwindling out of existence. I'm not sure exactly why, but the Cambridge MSO was almost small enough to not really count as a thing this year, so it's not attracting new people that way. Anyway, we did have David Beck, Iain Barrass, Roy Arnold and me to play othello, and Adelaide to organise things, and what more does any competition need?

So we had a double round-robin, and I won five games out of six, and played reasonably well in all five of them, so that the one game where I was rubbish and was soundly thrashed by David didn't matter (since he obligingly lost to Roy in another game). Wins in othello tournaments are very rare for me, and this was probably my most impressive result ever. I should probably retire now at the peak of my success, because it'll only be disappointing to everyone when I come last in the next one.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

That was fun!

I should do that more often. I've been to Frankfurt lots of times, but only the airport and train station on my way somewhere else. It turns out that there's a city, too, and it's a nice place.

Anyway, I'm home again now, and the next week is going to be full of memory training. I've decided.