Thursday, September 06, 2012


Going to work on the train in the morning, you start to recognise the other people who make that journey every day. I tend to name them after the people they most resemble, so if asked, I would tell you that I share a train with Steve-Bruce-with-a-bit-of-John-Lithgow, or Anthony-Stewart-Head-with-a-touch-of-Mr-Harvey-my-old-maths-teacher-or-possibly-the-actor-Philip-Bretherton-who-looked-exactly-like-Mr-Harvey-in-every-way-and-might-have-been-the-same-person. And Beardy Man, who doesn't look like anyone else, and who I just named after his splendid beard.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The British Othello Championship 2012!

This spectacular event happens on Saturday 15th (afternoon only) and Sunday 16th (all day) of September - that's the weekend after next - at Attenborough Nature Reserve, in Attenborough, near Nottingham. Please come along if you have even the slightest kind of interest in othello (aka reversi), because it's a fun weekend for everyone! People are welcome to stay at my place in Beeston on Saturday night if they want.

If you're coming by train, Attenborough station is a few minutes' walk away, if you know the secret way to walk there - don't follow the road, despite what Google maps might tell you; turn left out of the station, follow the road as it curves to the right, and then keep going in a straight line, carrying on when the road turns into a footpath, until you bump into the Nature Centre with accompanying conference room.

Check the timetables before you come, because trains only stop at Attenborough once an hour, probably even less than that on Sundays.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Home alone

Having had my brother staying with me for the last two months, I've got the flat all to myself once more, and no longer have to worry about those annoyances of cohabiting, like locking the bathroom door, wearing clothes, and so forth. I might even start blogging more regularly! I do need to promote the British Othello Championship that is looming ever closer, and also the Friendly Memory Championship, only a month or so away!

I'll do it tomorrow.