Saturday, October 06, 2018

Hello from not-Gothenburg

Nothenburg? Nöteborg? Anyway, sadly, I'm not there - I was meaning to go, but the train was late getting to the airport and I missed the Friday-evening plane (couldn't spare the time to get there early and see the sights). It would maybe have been possible to get an early-morning one today and only miss the first morning of the competition, but since the plan was always to fly back late on Sunday night, the lack of sleep and excess mental exertion would probably have killed me, so I didn't.

Well, this gives me the time to unpack all my bags and boxes of things in the new house and put them away somewhere. And to finish the extremely lengthy comic-related blog post I've been writing. Or I could maybe do some at-home memory training tomorrow in preparation for Denmark (maybe) and Austria (slightly more probably). That could work.

Monday, October 01, 2018

Bad day for cool people

Geoffrey from Rainbow, Carlos Ezquerra and Charles Aznavour, all in one day. And actually, the three of them could have put on a really great episode of Rainbow, with the art and music and everything...