Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I'm going to China!

I know I've been going to China for a while now, but it's official - I've got my visa, and they'll let me into the country! Unless something goes wrong. I mean, they might change their minds...

I always worry too much about this kind of thing. Anything that involves getting official approval just scares me. Officials are frightening people.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Job satisfaction

I'm starting to worry that I really like my job. It's not what you'd call mentally exerting, but it's sort of fun. This is a terrible kind of mental attitude to have, I really should try to do something about it.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

There are many things I don't understand

Did you know that the day after Christmas isn't called Boxing Day in the USA? They don't even call it anything, it's just December 26th!

Well, I didn't know that until today, and the thought of my ignorance just seriously freaks me out. I mean, this is the fortieth Boxing Day I've spent on this planet, and while the first few of them were before the internet existed and America was just this sort of magical fictional place where they had all the cool Transformers toys that we didn't, Wikipedia's been around for quite a while now and I've been in regular contact with American friends since at least, ooh, must be 1998. How has this not come up in conversation?

What else am I taking for granted as a universal concept when actually it's just a silly local thing? I mean, it was freaky enough when I learned that they don't have Christmas crackers over there either, but Boxing Day?

Freaky, I tells you.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What's on TV?

I might spend the whole of Christmas watching cartoon videos, actually.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I would be out prancing around Stonehenge, but it's raining.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Some like it hot

I take any slight decrease in the temperature outside as a good excuse to have my radiators on full blast. There's nothing like being lightly toasted on a winter's night.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmassy weather

It's like a sort of dull, colder version of summer around here at the moment. I'm not saying I want snow and ice - in fact, this weather's just fine for me, thanks - but there's automatically something disappointing about not having a white Christmas...

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Private viewing

Went to the cinema today, for the first time in however many years - I'm not what you'd call a regular moviegoer. And no, not to see Star Wars, despite what I was saying just yesterday; I thought I'd check out Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I was going to go and see Star Wars afterwards - the Showcase in Derby was showing it every fifteen minutes on one of its many screens, while the Peanuts gang were only on once, at 10:30 in the morning - but Charlie Brown's adventures turned out to be such a feel-good movie I decided to just be satisfied with the warm glow it gave me, and check out what Middle-Aged Luke Skywalker is up to some other time.

I had Screen 3 at the Showcase entirely to myself - everybody else clearly had better things to do on the last Saturday morning before Christmas (Star Wars, probably) - so I got to see the whole thing in glorious 3D in comfort and quiet. I should go to the cinema more often! And what a great movie it is, too! The animation is wonderful - as per the current fashion they clearly spent ridiculous amounts of time and money on making Snoopy's fur look realistic, but the whole thing is brilliantly designed to reflect its roots as line drawings in the newspaper funnies; it goes with the 'drawings come to life' kind of approach rather than the 'look what we can do with computer animation nowadays', and it looks just perfect.

And the writing is spot on, too - perhaps a little more inspired by the cartoons than the comics, but nicely hitting the feel of them both, not really trying to be deliberately old-fashioned but coming across as perfectly timeless. Charlie Brown is the loveable loser he's always been and all the others have their little character moments which I think work as well for first-time viewers (if there is such a thing) as for people familiar with all the old stuff. It's not trying to do anything new, but it's certainly not just re-hashing old ideas and making them look pretty. I love it!

46 years ago the first Peanuts movie, A Boy Named Charlie Brown, was in the cinemas - that one ends with Charlie Brown losing the spelling bee ("And did you notice? The world didn't come to an end!") while this new movie gives him a happy ending, but if you think about it they both convey the same general moral; life goes on, don't worry about it. Charlie Brown will never kick the football, but he'll always be a truly great human being. Fantastic movie, I recommend it to everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Use the force

I'm hearing people say the new Star Wars is good, which surprises me. I was assuming everyone would automatically say it was rubbish. I've misjudged the human race, obviously. Or at least the part of it that goes and watches Star Wars the day it comes out. I really must go and see it myself.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Names and faces again

Watching an old episode of Blake's 7 this morning, I was wondering who that familiar-looking actor was. It took me a while to penetrate the clean-shaven young face, sideburns and late-seventies hairstyle, before his voice made me realise "Oh, it's Inspector Grim! David Haig!" And then immediately after that revelation I got an email from David Haigh, no relation, which just makes me think that things would be a lot simpler all round if everybody had the same name. So from now on, everybody has to be called David Haig(h), okay? You can choose whether or not to put an H on the end. I'm sure this will improve world understanding and harmony immeasurably.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hi there

Bumped into someone I used to know today - or at least I can only assume I used to know him, since he clearly knew me and chatted about what I'd been doing for the last couple of years. Could have been anyone, really. One of these days, I need to learn how to remember names and faces...

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Light the lights

I'm still loving The Muppets. It's great when I have pretty high expectations of something and they get surpassed anyway! I was going to write at length on the subject, but I'm too tired, so at some point in the future I'll get round to it. Feel free to wave your arms like Kermit and cheer "Yaaaaaaaaay!"

Monday, December 14, 2015

Vis-a-vis the visa

Tomorrow's task - apply for a visa to visit China. I always get nervous about it, not so much because they might refuse to let me into the country, but because I might accidentally lose/destroy/eat my passport or something and not be able to arrange the visa in time. Never happened yet, but it still might...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's time to get extreme again!

Qualifying for the 2016 XMT starts in January! January 11th, to be precise, and one week for each discipline. Since I'm going to China on the 19th and coming back on the 29th, I might have to cram my images qualification into the day before, and names the weekend after I get back, but I'm sure I'll cope...

Right, let's get training, I'll need some impressive scores if I'm going to qualify!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pardon me, Duchess

I've just got an email from the Duchess Theatre in Long Eaton with a subject "Appologies for the errors in the previous email." I wonder if they're going to send another one apologising for the spelling in this one?

I really should take myself off the Duchess Theatre's mailing list, anyway. I've only been there once, years and years ago. I'm not really a theatre-goer. Maybe I'll become one when I'm wealthy. Or have nothing better to do with my time.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Winter woolies

I'm going to China at the end of January, including a visit to my brother up in Harbin, where it apparently gets routinely into the minus-twenties in temperature all winter. I really should get some more warm clothes before I go, or at least a pair of trousers that don't have huge holes in them, but since I won't have any money until I've gone there and got paid, I can't really afford to. Maybe I can make myself some warm clothes out of an old duvet I've got lying around the place here?

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Two weeks away

That means it's Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve today.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015


I'm not entirely sure whether or not to go to Cambridge for the Christmas Othello Tournament on Saturday. On the one hand, it's about time I tried to remember how to play othello (you never know when you might be called upon to play a passable game in a life-or-death kind of crisis), but on the other hand I've still got no money, so I can't really afford to go... Maybe I'll rob a bank, or hitch-hike, or something cheap.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

That moment when...

You go to bed and then realise you haven't written a blog. So, um, how's everyone doing tonight? Good? Good.

Monday, December 07, 2015

What the dickens?

I have several Charles Dickens books lying around the place that I've bought in those cheap book shops for a pound each at some point in the past, but never read. I just can't get into them, as a rule. Which is strange, since I really like a lot of books by lesser Victorian writers. Have you ever tried East Lynne, by Mrs Henry Wood? It's awesome. Although it's a sort of modern Victorian book, and Dickens was more mainstream, I suppose. Perhaps I'm just too up-to-date, 19th-centurily-speaking.

Sunday, December 06, 2015


I occasionally have dreams in which I'm a wrestler, of the fake WWE kind. And specifically not one of the cool starring-role wrestlers, but a making-up-the-numbers type. It probably means something. Possibly that I occasionally watch wrestling before going to bed.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

I should have copyrighted it

When I first grew a beard 13 years ago, it was really quite unusual. Since then, practically everybody has copied me and grown beards of their own. There's a definite increase in hat-wearing these days, too. I'm confident that being fat, bald and ugly will soon become the new fashionable trend, too...

Friday, December 04, 2015

Come and join the show!

Check out the Memory Sports Show podcast thing with Florian Dellé and Boris Konrad, tomorrow at 1:30pm British time!

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Ooh, a free weekend!

Maybe I'll do some memory training? I need to keep sharp for the XMT qualification - set your calendars for January, everybody. Or maybe don't, because I'll have a better chance of qualifying if nobody else enters...

Wednesday, December 02, 2015


The youth of today take it for granted that advent calendars will have chocolate in them, you know. That's the single most revolutionary change that has happened in the world since I was young. I vividly remember being astonished that someone at school had an advent calendar with chocolate.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Another year gone

In my mind, anyway. I've been thinking it's 2016 for the last week or so - I seem to be getting ahead of myself. Possibly I can see into the future.

Monday, November 30, 2015

London Nights (when the party's out and the fever drives you wild)

Back home tomorrow - I like filming weird things, I need to do it more often. Anyone want to make a movie about me? It'd be a smash hit, I'm sure!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Movie star, a movie star

I can't really reveal any details, on account of confidentiality and all that, but it's going to be a fun promo video of me, available some time early next year. One day down, one to go...

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Third boxcar, midnight train

On the train on the way to London, taking advantage of East Midlands Trains free wifi for five minutes at a time, that I don't think is supposed to exist but does. Two days of filming, coming up - hope the weather's good...

Friday, November 27, 2015


A comment on last night's blog suggested a karaoke-themed memory test. While I do like the idea of setting one of Tony Buzan's poems to the latest hit music and making us memorise it, I don't think it'd work. Let's just have a singing contest instead of all future memory championships!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ars Memoria

So last night an anonymouse (who I suspect of being an anonykitten, actually) asked me "Hmmm maybe a beginner's guide to Ars Memoria?

I understand the principle well enough - constructing the memory palace and populating it with symbolic objects, but never quite figured out how to conduct the journey itself..."

A lot of people talk about visualising yourself walking around your 'memory palace' (incidentally, I prefer to just call them 'journeys', and also tend to shun unnecessary Latin like 'ars memoria'), but that's not really how it works for me. It's another one of those things that differ from person to person, I think, but for me it's more like watching a cartoon. Sort of visualise your point of view gradually moving from place to place, with your objects all interacting with each other.

I don't tend to put as much focus on the journeys themselves as some people do - as I always say, they're more like backdrops to the main action, as conveyed by the objects and people. Sort of a backup thing so if I get lost somewhere in the recall, I can pick a place to start and try to picture it more clearly in my head.

I'm very bad at explaining these things...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


You know, I really can't think what to blog about tonight. Has anyone got any ideas?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

London style!

Going down to the big city at the weekend, for two whole days of filming for China. It'll be a lot of fun, I'm sure! But it'd be better if it wasn't so very cold...

Monday, November 23, 2015

Black Friday?

Since when do British stores do Black Friday sales? How can we import a traditional day-after-Thanksgiving thing from America when we don't do Thanksgiving? Everybody should absolutely refuse to buy anything at all on Friday unless they're given a day off work and a lot of turkey the day before!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Djoking Apart

I admit to being a huge fan of Novak Djokovic. It's sort of unfashionable to be a fan of his, since he wins all the time, but I really admire his attitude and all-conquering talent. Go No-Djo!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sudden snow!

It got cold here all of a sudden, and there was a thick coat of snow on the ground this morning. I suppose that means winter's here, though I remain hopeful that it'll be hot and sunny again tomorrow.

Friday, November 20, 2015

It's a wonder I keep my sunny disposition

Car problems and computer problems at work... let's give up on the whole technology thing, it clearly isn't working out.

Except the internet, we can keep that. And the XMT.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Anyone for tennis?

The coolest thing about the tennis tour finals is the way it's carefully arranged so that there are always extremely complicated permutations of who'll qualify for the semi-finals depending on who wins and loses the last game and by how many sets. It's real nerd-appeal, and there needs to be a memory competition that does something like that, somehow. Make the XMT rules much more complicated and we're onto a winner!

I feel like I should try to analyse whether it's like or unlike the XMT with the way people are always talking about the same players being at the top of the tennis world every year - I'm always intrigued by the way Ferrer and Berdych always, without fail, lurk somewhere between fifth and eighth in the world rankings. Will the usual suspects hang around in the knockout stages of the XMT for years on end, or will things change around?

I say 'should', because I can't really be bothered to draw proper analogies tonight. Maybe another time.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Franklin Mint Collectibles

If you ever wanted an authentic piece of Ben Pridmore Memory Memorabilia, now's your chance!

Monday, November 16, 2015


Been working a lot lately, but now I've got the next three days off. Going to spend it sleeping and watching cartoons.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Since I started posting something here every day, my pageviews have increased steadily. This is a good thing, because amassing a huge number of devoted followers who hang on my every word is phase one of my master plan to take over the world.

Phase two involves a lot of sleeping and watching cartoons while my minions do all the world-conquering work.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

It's not fair

I had a lottery ticket last night and didn't win anything. The whole thing's obviously a big fix. Possibly I won't get to do that tour of European memory competitions after all...

Friday, November 13, 2015


A while ago, someone asked if he could buy a signed pack of cards from me, and I wondered (via Facebook) if this might actually be a thing people would do. I have (after sending this fan a signed pack for free, since he asked first) got 33 old packs lying around the place that I've since replaced - and for however many months since I first had the idea, I've been meaning to create a stylish poster advertising them for sale. I'll make a real effort to get round to doing it next week, I think.

So, anyone want to buy one of the packs I used to set those Guinness World Records? With my signature on them and everything? Reserve yours today!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

International jetsetting

I'm hoping for at least one trip to China and two to the USA next year which I can pay for, hopefully, fingers crossed, by memorising things. I haven't actually been to continental Europe for ages, though, so I keep daydreaming about winning the lottery and devoting a year or so to travelling all around Europe's increasing number of memory competitions just for the fun of it. Not to mentioning organising a couple myself and giving away my lottery winnings in prize money, of course...

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christmas is getting later and later

I haven't really seen anyone complaining yet that Christmas seems to start earlier every year. Come on, people, it's mid November, get moaning about it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Nearly forgot to blog tonight

How many days in a row have I posted something here now? It must be quite a lot.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Muppet madness!

Okay, I really really love The Muppets! From a starting point of 'hoping it would be good but expecting to be disappointed' I've quickly progressed to 'super huge devoted fan'! I'm very favourably impressed, it's hilarious, clever and perfectly silly! Who would have thought it?

Sunday, November 08, 2015

I Say No

And I further say, no, I don't really think much of "I Say No" by Wilkie Collins. It's the book I'm reading at the moment, and I might give it up and just go and re-read one of his good books instead.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

I'm talkin' downtown!

The Memoriad website has had a swanky new update and a new announcement attributed to Scott Flansburg (it kind of reads like it was written by someone whose first language is Turkish, but it says it's from Scott, so who am I to argue?) about the dates and location of the 2016 Memoriad (yay!) - November 7-11 2016, at The Western in downtown Las Vegas!

Remember how awesome the Memoriad was in 2012? I'm sure this one will be even bigger and better! I really can't wait, even though it's still a year away and I don't believe in acknowledging that anything could happen so far in the distant future (certainly not memory competitions - I've got accustomed to the dates and locations being finalised a couple of hours before they start...)

There's the disturbing consideration that this will be the first mind-sports event I go to after my fortieth birthday, of course, but I choose to see this as a good thing. As Phill pointed out on Facebook a while ago, I've won big memory competitions while in my twenties and thirties, perhaps I can be the first person ever to do it in my 20s, 30s and 40s? That'd be an achievement!

Friday, November 06, 2015

Elo elo elo, what's all this then?

There's been some talk among all the top memory people about rating the Extreme Memory Tournament competitors, using something along the lines of the Elo system in chess. Or for that matter in othello, which uses basically the same principles.

Until I looked it up last week, incidentally, I always thought it was the ELO system and the letters stood for something (although probably not Electric Light Orchestra), but it turns out it was named after a man called Elo. Anyway, the basic idea is that your rating goes up by a bit if you win a game and down by a bit if you lose. How big the bit is depends on the difference between your rating and your opponent's.

Now, the othello ratings are calculated by David Haigh, who's the only person in the universe who knows how it works. Well, him and all the people who've read his detailed explanation of how they're calculated and understood it, but I don't fit into that category. I've got a vague idea, but that's about as far as it goes. Not daunted by this, I've crunched some numbers and drawn up a rating list to see what it would look like.

People start out with 1400 points, for no good reason except that that's what the othello ratings start with, and increase/decrease by an amount that is 16 points if the memorisers have identical ratings, tending towards 0 or 32 depending on how big the gap between their ratings is. The change goes on a normal distribution (I don't entirely know what that is, I'm not a mathematician, but I put numbers into Excel's normal distribution formula until it comes out with the same kind of numbers as David quoted in his article). The othello ratings work differently for people who've played few or no matches before, but since everyone is starting from scratch here, and since I don't understand the calculation of provisional othello ratings (no, seriously, I'm not a mathematician, I'm an accountant and financial analyst, it's an entirely different discipline) I haven't done that.

Anyway, this arbitrary ranking makes a list that looks like this:

ALL Name Matches Rating
1 Simon Reinhard 61 1616
2 Johannes Mallow 73 1601
3 Boris Konrad 55 1537
4 Jonas von Essen 54 1509
5 Christian Schäfer 44 1503
6 Alex Mullen 36 1497
7 Katie Kermode 25 1476
8 Enhkjin Tumur 25 1470
9 Johannes Zhou 21 1409
10 Marlo Knight 15 1407
11 James Paterson 12 1399
12 Gunther Karsten 12 1395
13 Andi Bell 12 1385
14 Mark Anthony Castaneda 45 1381
15 Akjol Syeryekkhaan 19 1375
16 Marwin Wallonius 32 1374
17 Ben Pridmore 38 1371
18 Erwin Balines 12 1369
19 Yanjaa Altansuh 20 1366
20 Lance Tschirhart 15 1357
21 Ola Kåre Risa 37 1354
22 Enkhmunkh Erdenebatkhaan 15 1337
23 Tsogbadrakh Saikhanbayar 15 1320
24 Annalena Fischer 31 1314
25 Anne Reulke 15 1313
26 Norbert Reulke 15 1306
27 Bat-Erdene Tsogoo 12 1293
28 Johann Randall Abrina 27 1287
29 Tuuruul Myagmarsuren 15 1279

Obviously with there being so few matches for some people (like James, who won six out of twelve in 2014 but didn't qualify for the knockout stages), it's not super-scientific, but I think it still makes interesting reading. I would've hoped to be higher than 17th, since I basically made up the rules myself here, but that's how it worked out.

Incidentally, if you didn't know, you can see all the matches in the wonderfully-interactive XMT Live sites. Here's 2014 and here's 2015. If you want to see all Simon's matches, for example, type 'Simon' into the bar at the top. If you want to see all of Anne's images matches, type 'Anne images'. And so forth. It's great!

But the thing about the XMT is that there are five different kinds of match - six, if you count the surprise task. Some people are good at some disciplines but bad at others. Really, if you want to analyse who's good at the XMT, you might want a ranking system for each discipline. So even though there are so few matches as to make the whole thing pretty meaningless, that's basically what I've done here...

CARDS Name Matches Rating
1 Simon Reinhard 10 1505
2 Ben Pridmore 8 1488
3 Mark Anthony Castaneda 10 1478
4 Johannes Mallow 15 1473
5 Alex Mullen 8 1465
6 Christian Schäfer 7 1418
7 Lance Tschirhart 3 1417
8 Enkhmunkh Erdenebatkhaan 3 1416
9 Gunther Karsten 3 1416
10 Jonas von Essen 11 1409
11 Yanjaa Altansuh 4 1402
12 Enhkjin Tumur 4 1401
13 Ola Kåre Risa 9 1388
14 Marlo Knight 3 1388
15 Anne Reulke 3 1387
16 Andi Bell 3 1387
17 Akjol Syeryekkhaan 3 1385
18 Bat-Erdene Tsogoo 3 1384
19 Erwin Balines 3 1384
20 Norbert Reulke 3 1382
21 Boris Konrad 10 1380
22 Johannes Zhou 4 1371
23 Marwin Wallonius 6 1368
24 Tsogbadrakh Saikhanbayar 3 1356
25 Tuuruul Myagmarsuren 3 1356
26 James Paterson 3 1355
27 Annalena Fischer 7 1352
28 Katie Kermode 4 1345
29 Johann Randall Abrina 6 1344

That's more like it! Second place in the card ranking! I have tended to win all my matches there, which is why it's always my first choice in the knockout events. Possibly even against Simon, though I'll have to think about my strategy there. The interesting thing is that Mark Anthony comes in third - I never really thought of him as being a cards specialist, but looking back at his results, he's very consistently good at it. And also improved quite a lot between 2014 and 2015, too. Be worried next year!

IMAGES Name Matches Rating
1 Johannes Mallow 8 1517
2 Christian Schäfer 5 1443
3 Boris Konrad 6 1435
4 Katie Kermode 6 1431
5 Simon Reinhard 5 1415
6 Enhkjin Tumur 5 1415
7 Mark Anthony Castaneda 3 1415
8 Alex Mullen 6 1407
9 Akjol Syeryekkhaan 4 1403
10 Marwin Wallonius 4 1401
11 Ben Pridmore 4 1400
12 Johannes Zhou 4 1399
13 Annalena Fischer 4 1397
14 Jonas von Essen 4 1397
15 Marlo Knight 3 1387
16 Norbert Reulke 3 1385
17 Yanjaa Altansuh 3 1385
18 Enkhmunkh Erdenebatkhaan 3 1384
19 Lance Tschirhart 3 1384
20 Tsogbadrakh Saikhanbayar 3 1384
21 Ola Kåre Risa 3 1355
22 Anne Reulke 3 1353
23 Johann Randall Abrina 3 1353
24 Tuuruul Myagmarsuren 3 1353

Did you know Hannes won eight out of eight images matches in 2015? See, the cool thing about these ratings is that they show that kind of trivia. Enkhjin was unquestionably the fastest when it came to images this year, but the XMT is about beating your opponent and making sure you get it right every time.

NAMES Name Matches Rating
1 Simon Reinhard 14 1542
2 Jonas von Essen 14 1512
3 Akjol Syeryekkhaan 3 1446
4 Christian Schäfer 9 1443
5 Ola Kåre Risa 9 1428
6 Marlo Knight 3 1419
7 Enhkjin Tumur 5 1417
8 Andi Bell 3 1416
9 Erwin Balines 3 1416
10 James Paterson 3 1415
11 Johannes Zhou 5 1411
12 Anne Reulke 3 1404
13 Alex Mullen 5 1404
14 Katie Kermode 4 1403
15 Johann Randall Abrina 6 1401
16 Tsogbadrakh Saikhanbayar 3 1398
17 Yanjaa Altansuh 4 1389
18 Tuuruul Myagmarsuren 3 1384
19 Enkhmunkh Erdenebatkhaan 3 1383
20 Marwin Wallonius 7 1377
21 Johannes Mallow 15 1373
22 Annalena Fischer 6 1373
23 Mark Anthony Castaneda 11 1365
24 Lance Tschirhart 3 1358
25 Boris Konrad 12 1357
26 Bat-Erdene Tsogoo 3 1353
27 Gunther Karsten 3 1353
28 Norbert Reulke 3 1352
29 Ben Pridmore 9 1307

Oh, come on! I'm not THAT bad at names, am I? Really? Sheesh. Let's move on.

NUMBERS Name Matches Rating
1 Christian Schäfer 10 1449
2 Johannes Mallow 12 1447
3 Enhkjin Tumur 5 1447
4 Katie Kermode 4 1433
5 Alex Mullen 6 1430
6 Andi Bell 3 1416
7 Gunther Karsten 3 1416
8 James Paterson 3 1415
9 Tuuruul Myagmarsuren 3 1411
10 Ola Kåre Risa 7 1409
11 Jonas von Essen 9 1409
12 Boris Konrad 12 1408
13 Johannes Zhou 4 1406
14 Johann Randall Abrina 6 1401
15 Annalena Fischer 6 1401
16 Ben Pridmore 8 1398
17 Yanjaa Altansuh 4 1397
18 Akjol Syeryekkhaan 4 1397
19 Marlo Knight 3 1387
20 Enkhmunkh Erdenebatkhaan 3 1387
21 Norbert Reulke 3 1385
22 Lance Tschirhart 3 1385
23 Simon Reinhard 13 1384
24 Tsogbadrakh Saikhanbayar 3 1384
25 Erwin Balines 3 1384
26 Bat-Erdene Tsogoo 3 1383
27 Marwin Wallonius 7 1368
28 Anne Reulke 3 1353
29 Mark Anthony Castaneda 9 1310

Hmm, here's a weak spot for the unstoppable Simon, it seems... although kind of a weak spot for me too, so taking advantage of it might be a problem. Numbers is the easiest discipline to make a mistake in and fail to get the perfect 80, so it probably favours people who are just the right amount of careful...

WORDS Name Matches Rating
1 Simon Reinhard 11 1545
2 Johannes Mallow 14 1534
3 Jonas von Essen 11 1520
4 Boris Konrad 9 1477
5 Christian Schäfer 10 1452
6 Katie Kermode 5 1420
7 Johannes Zhou 3 1416
8 James Paterson 3 1416
9 Gunther Karsten 3 1400
10 Alex Mullen 7 1394
11 Mark Anthony Castaneda 8 1391
12 Lance Tschirhart 3 1390
13 Ola Kåre Risa 7 1387
14 Marlo Knight 3 1387
15 Annalena Fischer 7 1385
16 Erwin Balines 3 1384
17 Norbert Reulke 3 1382
18 Tsogbadrakh Saikhanbayar 3 1381
19 Enhkjin Tumur 4 1377
20 Yanjaa Altansuh 4 1374
21 Akjol Syeryekkhaan 4 1370
22 Marwin Wallonius 7 1366
23 Ben Pridmore 7 1360
24 Anne Reulke 3 1358
25 Enkhmunkh Erdenebatkhaan 3 1356
26 Andi Bell 3 1355
27 Bat-Erdene Tsogoo 3 1355
28 Tuuruul Myagmarsuren 3 1353
29 Johann Randall Abrina 6 1315

Now, if I could find a way to get 47 every time in words, I could fight my way back up the rankings, maybe...

And finally, those Extreme Memory Tasks...
SURPRISE Name Matches Rating
1 Simon Reinhard 8 1480
2 Boris Konrad 6 1458
3 Alex Mullen 4 1430
4 Katie Kermode 2 1430
5 Marwin Wallonius 1 1417
6 Jonas von Essen 5 1414
7 Enhkjin Tumur 2 1403
8 Ben Pridmore 2 1399
9 Akjol Syeryekkhaan 1 1384
10 Annalena Fischer 1 1384
11 Christian Schäfer 3 1383
12 Yanjaa Altansuh 1 1383
13 Johannes Zhou 1 1382
14 Mark Anthony Castaneda 4 1371
15 Ola Kåre Risa 2 1369
16 Johannes Mallow 9 1312

Not really enough data here to go on, especially since the surprise tasks are different every time...

And so that's that. Comments, queries and suggestions are very welcome!