Sunday, October 13, 2019

Age is just a (large) number

My new comment-giving blogling, the infamous executioner Jack Ketch, observes that I must be one of the most venerable, or at least elderly, names on the list of competitors in this championship - I'm not the oldest one here, I'm happy to say, but I am in the top five if you put us in order of age.

There's no denying that I'm the old man of memory championships nowadays - it's worth mentioning that today is Andrea's birthday, and he's 20. Tomorrow's my birthday, and I'll be 43.

It really is great that we've got a new generation arising to win these things and break all the records - between Andrea, new Indian superstar Prateek, Mongolian mastermind Munkhshur, and others, it's an exciting time! (And it really is awesome to see how excited Andrea gets when he breaks a record! It reminds me of me, when I was young...)

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jack ketch said...

Happy Birthday Ben, I hope you eat lots and lots and lots of cake and are wery wery sick :P

Yes I know its not quite your birthday yet but I need my sleep, old man that I am.
No matter how many years more you have, no matter how weak your eyesight or your prostate becomes, no one can take from you coming in 2nd today to a man less than half your age!