Saturday, April 26, 2014

The XMT is live!

Well, everybody arrived safely for the run-through of how the whole XMT thing will work - and it will work extremely well, by the looks of things! We all need to compliment Nelson and the whole gang on all the preparation, because there's been an immense amount of work gone into this.

As an example of how cool it is, check out the live website! Click on everything, it's a Simon Orton masterpiece of clickability, and the search box on the Matches page can show you, for example, all the matches involving me and cards by typing 'Ben cards', or whatever you want. It'll be live and dynamic during the competition tomorrow!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Go Diego Go

I'm here at the scenic Dart Neuroscience building waiting for the competitor registration to start. It really is scenic - mountains and palm trees and things all around, and I saw a hummingbird earlier!

Flew in with James last night, and the two of us had TV interviews and a bit of "psychological testing" from the St Louis university gang this morning, then lunch with Simon, Boris, Johannes and Ola (as well as super-fan Sal). Now we've met up with Teams Phillipines and Mongolia, Gunther is somewhere in the building (or at least his children are over there, being all grown up nowadays, depressingly enough), Jonas and Christian should shortly be arriving from their trans-USA road trip, Andi is as mysterious as ever but I'm sure he'll show up...

Ooh, and I've just seen Nelson, I'll go and say hi. More updates later!