Sunday, February 01, 2015

Thyme flies

I knocked a jar of thyme off my kitchen cupboard shelf today, and it flew everywhere.

Why did I even have a jar of thyme, I hear you ask? (I assume you're familiar with my style of home cooking and know that it doesn't involve fancy seasoning.) Well, I've had it since I was dieting, like five years ago at least, and making a short-lived but brave attempt at cooking nice-tasting but low-carb vegetable-based meals for myself. The nearly-full jar of dried thyme has been sitting in my kitchen cupboards ever since then, and it's a mystery to me why I saw fit to bring it with me when I moved house. I didn't realise I'd done it; I didn't bring any of the other herbs I stocked up with way back then.

Logically, I must have subconsciously packed it away in my cardboard boxes of kitchen supplies, safe in the knowledge that one day in the far future I would knock it over and be able to write a blog entry with a vaguely funny punning title. And now that day has come.

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