Sunday, February 01, 2015

A final word

Week five of XMT qualification is words! Not a very exciting one visually, this - I find it easier to just read the list of words as it is on the screen, rather than highlighting one batch of three at a time. I do do them in batches of three, though - until last year's XMT, I'd never used a journey for words, just strung them together in one continuous story, but I find it helpful to use locations with such a short fast discipline.

Accurate recall is tricky, and I do suspect English-language-users are at a bit of a disadvantage, if only because there are more possible synonyms, and the translations will generally default to the most commonly-used word in other languages. But then, there are plenty of English-speakers who do this much, much better than I do, so I can't really use that as an excuse.

And so that brings us to the end of qualification! When the results are in I'll run down the list and blog about who I'll be competing against in May!

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Chris F said...

Great finish Ben! Good to see three Brits making it into the top 16, and Clay Knight not far behind either.
I didn't upload the video of my words attempt in time, but only managed 15 anyway, so wouldn't have unduly troubled the scorers. I enjoyed the XMT platform though and it was good to see so many people giving qualification a go.

hope to see you at one of the competitions later in the year - the Cambridge Friendly, perhaps... I've got the memorising bug again so will be practising more over the coming months.
all the best
Chris F