Thursday, September 06, 2012


Going to work on the train in the morning, you start to recognise the other people who make that journey every day. I tend to name them after the people they most resemble, so if asked, I would tell you that I share a train with Steve-Bruce-with-a-bit-of-John-Lithgow, or Anthony-Stewart-Head-with-a-touch-of-Mr-Harvey-my-old-maths-teacher-or-possibly-the-actor-Philip-Bretherton-who-looked-exactly-like-Mr-Harvey-in-every-way-and-might-have-been-the-same-person. And Beardy Man, who doesn't look like anyone else, and who I just named after his splendid beard.

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Ace* said...

Are you sure Beardy man wasn't just your reflectionin the window ;0)