Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Home alone

Having had my brother staying with me for the last two months, I've got the flat all to myself once more, and no longer have to worry about those annoyances of cohabiting, like locking the bathroom door, wearing clothes, and so forth. I might even start blogging more regularly! I do need to promote the British Othello Championship that is looming ever closer, and also the Friendly Memory Championship, only a month or so away!

I'll do it tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I hear the World Science Fiction convention was in Chicago, Illinois this week, and will be in London around August of 2014. I have a few friends who are signed up for it. I would love to go back to London again. Starting to save the spare change! Do you read any SciFi?

Zoomy said...

I don't particularly read sci-fi, there are a lot of really famous authors who I've never read anything by. I do like Doctor Who and Star Trek, though... :)

Unknown said...

Back in the 1980's we had a Dr Who convention that I went to in Chicago, Illinois that featured 5 of the older Doctors, at least 2 of the companions, and one of the Masters. It was a lot of fun. Many of my friends back then were starving artists painting beautiful pictures that were auctioned at the convention. I even commissioned a few, back when I had a job and money. Smile.
Also been to a few Star Trek conventions- Met Captain Pecard and Data.
Also went to a few Dark Shadows conventions - Had drinks with Barnabas Collins the Vampire (Jonathan Frid), and had dinner with Angelique the Witch (Laura Parker). Lots of fun also.