Thursday, September 22, 2011

To Swe or not to Swe

It just occurred to me today that it would have been my dad's 65th birthday next Wednesday. He would have reached the statutory default retirement age two days before it's abolished!

Anyway, I'm in two minds as to whether or not to go to Sweden this weekend. I'm thinking that a national-standard memory competition over two days, plus another day either side travelling to and from, wouldn't be as much use to me, world-championship-practice-wise, as staying at home and memorising hour cards and numbers.

Although I'm not sure whether I could motivate myself to do all this hypothetical training this weekend, or whether I'd feel more like lying around feeling sorry for myself because I've got a sore throat. Did I mention that I've got a sore throat? I feel sorry for myself.

So I was thinking that if I do a 30-minute binary tomorrow morning (I'm off work) and then the Online Memory Challenge at 1:30 GMT - ooh, by the way, everybody join in the Online Memory Challenge! It'll be commentated by Mattias live in Gothenburg, and good fun will be had by all! - and still feel like I can get more good training in this weekend, I'll stay at home and do that. If I feel lazy, I'll fly to Sweden and compete in a memory championship.

That sounds backwards, but it makes sense to me.

PS I edit this a couple of hours later after realising I should have told people how one goes about joining in the Online Memory Challenge. Send an email to Simon Orton, who has a gmail account with a dot between his first and last name, and he'll set you up with your own personal account if you haven't got one already!

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