Friday, September 23, 2011

Not to

So, I decided to stay at home. I actually got up early and did an hour numbers this morning. It wasn't a very successful hour numbers, but that's what happens when you don't do it for nine months. I'll be better next time. And next time will be later this weekend - I've also got the day off work on Monday, so I can make good use of the time. Tomorrow, binary and hour cards. Maybe a bit of abstract images, too, I need to be practicing that quite regularly.

God, I'm boring. Maybe I'll go to a party instead. Is anyone having a party?


Mike said...

So from Stockholm to stay-at-home!

I had a thought about binary. Maybe there is something you used to do which indirectly boosted it. It might be something that has nothing to do with memorising like stroking a cat. It makes you wonder, doesn't it!! Or maybe hour numbers or a poem would somehow indirectly boost binary.

Zoomy said...

I'm entertaining all kinds of theories at the moment. I do like the cat one, though.