Monday, September 19, 2011

Heilbronn again!

It's a bit late to write up the whole German championship tonight, so I'll just do a little introduction, and finish it up tomorrow.

I arrived in Heilbronn quite late on Thursday night - my plane was late again. I noticed on the train that the place I was booked into requires you to check in by 8pm, and that it was already half past. So sure enough, I got to the Pension Frey and found it was all shut up for the night. Not daunted over-much by this, I went to the much nicer hotel I stayed at last year and asked if they'd got a room, only to be told that they'd already got a booking for me on the system.

Did I book a room there and forget about it, or did someone else book one for me and not tell me? Possibly it was a guardian angel of some kind. I know I would have booked a room there if Klaus hadn't told me everything was fully booked. Still, never mind, it's a great hotel - the Insel, which means Island and is in fact on a little island in the middle of the big river. It's also right next to the Experimenta, where the competition is held.

We were back in the same room as last time, the Wilhelm Maybach lab, which for some reason I always want to call the Walther Matthau lab, even though he was an American actor who as far as I know didn't have any kind of scientific leanings. Anyway, it's a very nice venue for a competition, but it got a bit hot in the lovely sunny weather of Heilbronn.

Also, having been to Heilbronn before, I now knew where the McDonald's is, and could go there for breakfast in the mornings and get the competition off to a great start!

And on the Friday night, half way through the championship, I had a really epic dream about a Doctor Who adventure starring the sixth, seventh and eighth Doctors (plus Peri and Ace), a combination so unusual that I doubt you'd find more than five or six stories like that on Heck, maybe I'll write it myself, because it really was a great dream.

I'll talk about the actual memory bit and the people there tomorrow - don't worry, I am actually quite cheerful and enthusiastic about the whole thing now.

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