Monday, January 10, 2011

Headhunters are after me

Well, not really, but this seems to be a peak time of the year for all the accountancy recruitment agencies I've ever given my email address to, to send out mass mailings to everybody asking if they're looking for a job and showcasing the coolest (by accountancy standards) vacancies on their books.

It worries me when I see a management accountant job description and think "Oh, hey, that one looks pretty good!" I never liked being a management accountant, really, and I know that perfectly well. It's far better being a financial analyst, although I appreciate that most people don't see much difference.

Still, I'd probably reply to one of these agencies if it didn't mean writing a CV from scratch. I lost my old one when my old laptop died. And if they expect me to go to all that effort when I've already got a job...


Anonymous said...

It surprises me that a guy who wins the World Memory Championship, a couple times in a row, has to work a nine to five. And in such a dreadful field (accountancy). One would think that he would get some cushy position in some institute (neuroscience and memory, e.g. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Picower Institute of Memory). I'm surprised he's not retained by some rich person and paid generously to train their less-than-bright progeny.

Anonymous said...

Some phrases I want to shove into the vernacular. "rich from scratch" and "rich from birth". Self explanatory. I'm guessing a rich from scratch person is pretty on the ball already and a rich from birth person just wouldn't think they need it (generally think they've accomplished enough by being born).
Oh and regarding that neuroscience position Ben's command of his memory is almost entirely independent of his understanding of what's physiologically happening. So like the rest of us he'll have to climb an Everest of knowledge to get to that position.