Friday, January 14, 2011

Money money money

I've got my Chinese money! I'm moderately wealthy!

Also, I've now completed two weeks of the new improved 2011 memory training schedule without missing a morning or evening. Now, though, I need to move on to phase two, which is getting back into the habit of doing hour cards, hour numbers and half-hour binary whenever I've got a free weekend (like this weekend coming up). It's quite difficult to get into that routine, but once I do, it'll be very much worth it.

And then there's the continuing dilemma of the four-digit number system. I have a nagging doubt that after all the effort of creating it, it'll turn out to be unusable and I'll have wasted a lot of time and made myself even worse at memorising numbers than I was in the first place.

And on top of that, I probably should do something about the Cambridge Memory Championship 2011. People keep asking me about it, but I'm more in a training-my-own-memory kind of mood than an organising-competitions-for-other-people mood right now. But still, blog readers (if any) - who's coming to the Cambridge Championship? Assume that it's going to happen in early May, and that there's a good chance it won't take place in Cambridge. Further details may or may not follow.


Yan said...

Hi Ben,

I was thinking of entering my first memory competition with the Cambridge Memory Competition. Hope you manage to schedule something.

Good luck with your memory training.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Moolah Ben,
Always wondered why strings aren't a discipline: E.g. try to memorise the following:
Probably to make it linguistically unbiased.

Zoomy said...

It's just that nobody thought of it at the time - when the "World Memory Championship" was first invented, it was contested by seven British men, and making the disciplines suitable for worldwide competition wasn't really a concern. Disciplines have remained mostly unchanged ever since, although of course nowadays when they think one up, it has to be properly international.

Dale said...

Congrats on getting your money. That was bothering me. Do you think the Chinese winner will be competing with you in European venues?

Gonad McStumpy said...

I’ve been the reigning Emperor of the Inter-Galactic Mind Challenge for 3 years; the competition is held in my kitchen every March on the third Tuesday at 2:43 AM. I make up the rules, changing them often, as I see fit. So far no one has had the impudency to challenge me, I am that good.

I'm glad you got your money, is it actual Chinese money?

Ola Kåre Risa said...

I will atend the Cambridge memory championship if there will be one. But I understand that it is more satisfying to practise on your own than arranging a championship when you are in this good training flow.

Anonymous said...

Totally unfair, it's not as if you spent hours working your absolute but off to stand out amongst others who put in comparable amounts of sweat and toil further decreasing your chances of earning the money. Oh wait...

Anonymous said...

Wang Feng!..Wang Feng!Wang Feng!

Wang Feng said...


Geoff Peterson said...

It probably wasn't a smart idea to publicly declare that you're now moderately wealthy on your blog.

No doubt some hooligans have your money, and your lifeless corpse is hanging upside down in the closet of some museum.

I ask myself, why am I commenting to a dead guy on his blog, about said dead guy being dead. I'm stupid. I hope you're not dead, but if you are, I call dibs on the uke.