Saturday, July 11, 2009

State quarters!

Another thing I did in America was acquiring lots of those 25-cent coins with pictures on them depicting one of the fifty states of the US. I already had a couple of them here in my drawer full of miscellaneous foreign coins, but now I've got 14 in total! Obviously I need more American holidays, so I can acquire a full set.

And another thing I did on the way home was lose my stopwatch. I really have to get a new one so I can do some last-minute training for the German championship. It's less than three weeks away, and I haven't booked any flights or hotels yet!


Boris said...


most of us are in the SAS Radisson Blu Hotel.

They got a good offer on their webpage for about 70 Euros.
Maybe you can join us there?

Looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg! Its going to be great!

Mike Carroll said...

state quarters! fun! my grandma gave all of her grandchildren (including me) a US state map to fill up with the respective quarters.

we just filled them all up and now, and boy what a site it is :).

good luck =)