Thursday, July 09, 2009

Pennsylvania Pippins

I'm home at last! And feeling hugely sleep-deprived, despite spending most of the afternoon napping. Hopefully I'll be recovered enough to stay awake at work tomorrow.

Anyway, here's something new - I've become a baseball fan while I was in America! Channel-hopping during a quiet moment I came across a game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Houston Astros, and to my surprise I loved it! It's an exciting and fascinating game and I really should have listened to the people who've told me so in the past. Last night while stranded in New York I watched the Yankees thrash the Twins 10-2, and I'm definitely a convert to the joys of baseball now. I'm going to have to find out whether it's possible to watch games on the telly over here...

I even know what the designated hitter rule is, and even have an opinion on it! (It's bad.) I need to go to a game in real life, next time I'm over that side of the ocean! Go Pirates!


Chris M. Dickson said...

If you have Sky - though I don't think this works if you have Virgin Media cable - then the ESPN America channel is currently broadcast as part of the News and Events pack, and that shows a great deal of baseball during the baseball season.

That said, when ESPN launches the ESPN channel in the UK on August 3rd (?), although I've not yet seen confirmation either way, I would expect availability to ESPN America to require subscription to the ESPN Channel, probably for another nine to twelve pounds a month.

Five may or may not be broadcasting games overnight one day a week at the moment. Can't remember. (Checks: nuts; no, that's gone.)

Mike Carroll said...

go twins!! :)

Anonymous said...

Aldi are currently selling baseball gloves and bats very cheaply and they look very good quality too.


ps. It's good to see the Bermuda triangle didn't get you !

David said...

A designated hitter is only in the American League, not the National league, and it's a player who bats instead of the pitcher (a bit like Michael Vaughan batting instead of Monty Panesar). Having been brought up on the National League when I worked in St Louis, I think it's a silly rule!!