Monday, January 21, 2008

Lard Lad

This is, Blogger tells me, my 850th blog post. Which is a really huuuuuge number, and deserves a really huuuuuge topic, like how really huuuuuge I am. The weighing machine in Woolworth's is working again, and I weighed myself yesterday to find that I'm 12 stone 11.6 pounds now. This is just getting silly. It seems that ever since I decided to weigh myself three months ago, I've been getting fatter at a staggering rate.

Well, no more! Proper dieting, exercising, not stuffing my face, here we come! Thin Zoomy, they'll call me in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll even get one of those have-a-flat-stomach-in-one-day videos I occasionally see advertised. I'm not sure I'd like a flat stomach, but this weighing machine is annoying me. Either I'll lose weight or take a hammer to it, we'll see.


SamT said...

take a hammer to it.
I would.
Also it does depend on what you are wearing, time of day etc when you do get weighed.
Also if the machine has been shifted and not set up right.

So it might be the machines fault and not yours, so find another for a second opinion!

Anonymous said...

Here's a fitness program I use at home. It's easy and progressive. Download the 1975 reprint version, if you download anything at all.

5BX Fitness Plan

Sam said...

I've tagged you Zoomy. You can get fit typing.

Can't you just get a pedometer and do your 10,000 steps a day? I think you'd enjoy the challenge and it's just extra walking.