Thursday, January 24, 2008

Memorable training

I'm really back in the groove of memory practice now - I've been doing lots of speed practice this week, I've created a few new journeys so I don't have to reuse them so often, and I'm going to take a break tomorrow so as to be fresh for some heavy long-discipline practice at the weekend.

This is the kind of routine I can follow when I get a job. Or if I get a job - there's an amazing scarcity of decent jobs in this area right now. Does nobody want a management accountant who's been on the telly? Or at least anybody who doesn't specify extensive experience of standard costing in their job spec? Seriously, who uses standard costing? I thought it was something that only exists in accounting exams! I didn't think it was something you could actually apply to a real company...


Mike said...

The Sun and the Daily Mail mention you in online articles.

"Chimpion" - how do they think these things up??

SamT said...

Oh I saw the article in the Mail. Opened it up and there was you!
Robert says you reminded him of someone and if my brain wasn't full of Exedrin to get rid of the headache I'd remember whom! Think it was someone intellectual. You know this will wake me at 3am now! I know folk I can tell to watch you on Canadian TV! Mind you 22 weeks time I am in Canada, so who knows I could see you!
Mike, they pay someone to think WONDERFUL titles like the Chimpion and various mind boggling others.
Must be a fun job! lol