Monday, November 26, 2007

Seriously, who ARE these people?

I don't know who Ziggy and Chanelle are. I keep seeing one or the other of them on the front of trashy magazines, apparently describing the intimate details of their breakup, but I honestly do not have the faintest idea who they are or why they're famous. What am I missing? In fact, don't tell me. I'm actually quite proud of not knowing. It shows that I live on a higher plane than the kind of people who care about these, um, celebrities (if indeed they are celebrities).

Anyway, I really genuinely am a celebrity, and I can prove it. All you have to do is watch Blue Peter on Wednesday December 5th. Woo! I'm not supposed to write about exactly what's going to happen, for some reason, but I think I can safely promise that it'll be an unexceptional and by-the-numbers routine episode of the long-running show that will go down in history as one that doesn't get mentioned in the history books, ever. But it'll have me in it.


SamT said...

Ziggy & Chanelle, empty headed people who wanted to be famous, her becauseshe wanted to look like Posh Spice (!!!) and he because he was in some one hit wonder boy band andboth entered the Big Brother house last summer and were pains!!
Shall be setting my alarm on phone to make sure I watch BP on the 5th!!

Anonymous said...

Sir Joseph William Bazalgette is responsible for taking the sewage away from London - his great great grandson pumps rubbish into our living rooms.

007and a half said...

Ziggy is my friend's dog - I can't think why he is on TV, but then I don't have time to watch any. I don't know Chanelle - perhaps you meant 'Chanel' - a rather good clothes retailer - well, I like their stuff as long as you avoid the weirder bits.