Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Mental Marvel

Or should that be "the mental DC"? Last year, at the exact time when I took a week off work to use up my remaining holidays, someone had the brilliant idea to start a Facebook group dedicated to charting the progress of the DC superhero universe a month at a time since 1938. We're up to 1946 now, and it's given me a good reason to track down and read all kind of obscure gems, like this one here! In Real Fact Comics #5, DC's "educational" comic that mainly existed to counteract the growing belief that comics were turning American kids into crooks and delinquents, there's the story of Dr Bruno Furst!

Unlike a lot of the 'real facts' in the comic, it's very nicely written - citing the important memory principles and techniques and even giving a namecheck to Simonides! If any American kids of 1946 actually read it, maybe it started a few people on the road to a career in memory!


Tracy S Miller said...

Oh, wow! That's wonderful. I never thought I'd see Simonedes in a comic.

Zoomy said...

I think the comic was adapted from a New Yorker interview earlier in 1946, probably without Bruno's knowledge or permission, but it's still great to see a memory feature in a classic DC comic!