Saturday, August 03, 2019

Always wanted to own one of these

In a charity shop in Nottingham today, I found a vintage othello set, late 1970s or very early 1980s, back in the days when it was produced by Peter Pan Playthings. Not only does it still have all the pieces, it even still has all the original paperwork, including the British Othello Federation insert telling you all about the British Othello Championships! Those were the days, or so I'm told - I wasn't there at the time.

Also, to read on the train I took with me "The Seeds of Time" by John Wyndham, a collection of short stories which I've owned for decades but haven't read for a while - strangely, I found I had no memory at all of ever reading one of the stories in it, even though I was very familiar with all the others. And since "Opposite Number" deals with alternate universes, I can only assume either I or the book have fallen into a very similar parallel universe where that story is/isn't in the anthology. Or else it's not as memorable as the other stories in the book, but I found it entertaining enough this time round...

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