Monday, July 01, 2019

Roll of Honour

The British Othello Championships are basically the same age as me, so compared to memory competitions (which only date back to 1991), it's very cool to be part of such a long-established tradition. I really must get back into the habit of playing online, and go to more real-life competitions too, and come somewhere closer to winning the thing one of these days. I'd quite like to see my name on this list, and a little shield on the trophy...

1977Alan Woch
1978Geoff Davidson
1979Alan Woch
1980Neil Cogle
1981John Parker
1982David Stephenson
1983Imre Leader
1984David Sharman
1985Neil Stephenson
1986Imre Leader
1987Peter Bhagat
1988Graham Brightwell
1989Joel Feinstein
1990Imre Leader
1991Joel Feinstein
1992Joel Feinstein
1993Joel Feinstein
1994Imre Leader
1995Graham Brightwell
1996Joel Feinstein
1997Joel Feinstein
1998Graham Brightwell
1999Imre Leader
2000Graham Brightwell
2001Imre Leader
2002Garry Edmead
2003Garry Edmead
2004Imre Leader
2005Imre Leader
2006Graham Brightwell
2007Imre Leader
2008David Hand
2009Michael Handel
2010Imre Leader
2011Guy Plowman
2012Borja Moreno
2013David Hand
2014Guy Plowman
2015Imre Leader
2016Imre Leader
2017Imre Leader
2018Imre Leader
2019Imre Leader

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