Tuesday, April 23, 2019

And now it's going to rain for the next week and a half

I'm still really impressed by the four days of summery sunshine over the four-day weekend, immediately changing back to grey unexceptionalness as soon as people go back to work. But anyway, I've just had an email from the Gold Coast hotel in Las Vegas, who have been sending me emails ever since I gave them my address in January 2002, advertising misleadingly low 'room rates' (which, in true American fashion, don't include tax, or 'resort fees', or tax on resort fees) and it makes me think I'm way, way overdue for another holiday there.

I should just book a week in the Gold Coast right now, and see how much the place has changed in the what must be about eight years since I was last there! I bet it isn't raining in Las Vegas!

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