Saturday, December 08, 2018

Ships in the night

I wish I had some kind of football trivia blog that everybody read and was fascinated by the posts I make about football trivia. Because it's occurred to me that Norwich are top of the Championship and Burnley in danger of relegation from the Premier League, and whenever one of those teams is promoted, the other is relegated. It happened in 2013-14. 2014-15 and 2015-16. They haven't been in the same division since 2010-11, despite all the yo-yoing they do. I suspect they're secretly one and the same team, much like Clark Kent and Superman, or perhaps Prince Adam and He-Man.

But, you see, if I write a blog about that, all my readers will just be thinking "what's he going on about? I come here to read illuminating blog posts about memory or othello or comics or cartoons or the many toilets owned by the wonderful Zoomy, I don't care about football!"

I should cultivate more football-hooligan friends, it's the only solution.

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