Monday, October 27, 2014

Doctor Who is rubbish nowadays

And to think I spent most of last year being awestruck by how wonderful it was, too. It's like they've genuinely run out of ideas - everything we've had in 2014 (and the Christmas special in 2013) is just re-hashing the same stuff they've done over the last few years, without any kind of original thinking behind it. It's not Peter Capaldi's fault, you could see he'd do a good job if they gave him a script that let him say or do anything, but they really need to re-think the whole thing and go with something new.

Get rid of the contemporary Earth setting for a bit, it's been done to death, and go out exploring the universe of time and space, will you? It's a time machine...

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Anonymous said...

I'm willing to forgive the 2013 special on the grounds that it was mostly a goodbye to Smith and a way to justify the existence of Capaldi's doctor(both of which I think it handled passably). I agree, however, that the plot itself was a bit lame and I've not yet got around to watching any of the actual season 8 episodes yet.