Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Can I point you in the direction of...

... Demis Hassabis?

The point being, I still get confronted by people who think I'm some kind of super-genius who's not only astonishingly clever and great at everything, but also well able to use this uncanny intellect of mine to amass fame and fortune by the gallon if I only felt like doing it.

So hearing that Demis has just sold his company to Google for £400 million makes me wonder why more people don't go and tell him he's great instead of picking on me. We're roughly the same age (I think he's three months older) and nodding-acquaintances from the glory days of the Mind Sports Olympiad (again, if you think I'm the kind of person who wins everything, you should see Demis), but the key difference is he was actually one of those child prodigies - chess grandmaster at the age of twelve or so, created a famous computer game and made a fortune at the age of sixteen (remember Theme Park? I've never played it, but I've heard good things) and, most impressively of all, is still doing clever things at the age of 37. Which not many child geniuses do, if you think about it.

I don't know what this company of his did, if anything (it was one of those internet startup things, so probably nothing - Google will buy anything), but it goes to show that there really are geniussy types out there, and they're not all fakers like me. Maybe I should give him a call and say hello. I should make an effort to cultivate the friendship of millionaires, you never know when it might come in handy...

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