Sunday, October 13, 2013

Vworp vworp

Doctor Whooooo! Two whole stories (nearly) from the Patrick Troughton era found in Nigeria! That's my evenings occupied for the next week or so.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation! Despite your urging I still haven't gotten to watch any Who yet, but from what I've read of the different Doctors' personalities, I think he'd probably be my favourite.

Space hobos away!

~ JB

Anonymous said...

Facebook tells me that it's your birthday, so many happy returns of the day; I hope you have a spectacular one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben

I've got nothing to say about Dr Who. I don't watch it. My comment is about memory systems.

I was interested in a comment by someone that medical students would pay thousands of pounds for a comprehensive memory system which would help them with their studies. I think many language students would do the same. I know you are not interested in memory books but the people behind the Linkword books claim they can increase your vocabulary by a few hundred words. That's helpful but it is nowhere near being a comprehensive memory course. I know at least 5000 french words and I couldn't even have a basic conversation with a French person. You would need about 15,000 words to be any good in a language.

Where is this going, you are probably asking. Well, last night I was watching a video of Ron White in his penthouse and then I watched one of you in your bedsit and it occurred to me that you are not making the most of your talents. You created a world beating system to remember cards and I am sure if you turned your mind to the above topics you could do the same with them. Most people in any field, even if they are motivated and they know what to do, will never create anything special. Take me, for example, I have been reading books on memory since about 1971 and I have made very little progress. Whereas you created your system with hardly any background knowledge.

By the way, I noticed somewhere that you lived in H St, Derby. I lived in a bedsit at the bottom of that street more than 35 years ago.