Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bless me

I've got a terrible cold. I was going to go into work today, but instead I've only ventured as far as the Co-op to buy some lemsip, tissues and a big bar of chocolate, to make me feel better about having a cold. I just wanted to share this with you all.


Marcin said...

Dear Mr.Pridmore,

I am a new student in college and; almost like every other prospecting student; I am interested in improving my memory in some way-or-how so I can remember information better and ace those exams and put to good use that information later on in my life. However, I am in a dilemma. I have no idea how to improve my memory! I have been trying to write down information using a pen and paper, or reading over and over various other information hoping it sticks, but what usually happens is I become more amazed in my ability to jettison information then to remember it.

I stumbled upon mnemonics today and thought I could put the device/technique to good use. I simply don't know where to start. Well, I thought why not start by asking a master in memory?

I'm sorry I had to informally approach you like this but I had no idea how else. There isn't an email I can contact (or maybe I'm missing it).

If you could show me someway to respond to you; or if you'd rather like me to post my email; that would be great (if you even want to respond, that is).

Thank You


Zoomy said...

Check out the forum at - you can ask me, or a whole host of other memory enthusiasts, anything you want!

Marcin said...

Thanks Mr.Pridmore! I'll check it out