Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Other memory competitions are available

Having publicised the Friendly Memory Championship, I feel I should tell you all about the other memory competitions coming up in the next few months.

USA Memory Championship - Saturday March 16, Con Edison building, New York

Only open to US citizens, and apparently only to people over 12 years old too - the usual fun format with an exciting finale on stage in front of the audience. This will be the 16th US championship!

Italian Memory Championship - Friday/Saturday March 22/23, Italy?

I don't know much about this one, if it's still happening. Anyone got the details?

Welsh Memory Championship - Saturday March 30, Llanover, Wales

The fifth Welsh Open - anyone can take part, you don't have to be Welsh. Exactly the same format as the Friendly/Cambridge competition - let Dai know if you're coming, on the Facebook page or with an email.

North German Championship - Saturday April 13, Magdeburg, Germany

Only open to people from the north of Germany, a Regional Standard competition, which means exactly the same as Wales, but without the 15-minute numbers, 10-minute cards or spoken numbers.

South German Championship - Friday/Saturday April 29/30 - Karlsruhe, Germany

Saturday is exactly the same as the North German Championship, but only open to people from the South. However, people from everywhere else can compete on the Friday, with those extra three disciplines, and Saturday both, making it a National Standard, Open championship.

If you believe in long-range planning, there'll be the bigger championships in the summer - Germany in July, UK in August, probably - then Sweden in September, Hong Kong and Australia both planned for that kind of timeframe too, and no doubt a World Championship somewhere, somewhen, later on in the year!


Johann @ Memory Fitness said...

Here's the page for the Italian Championships.
Apparently, it is an open event and there are prizes!

Strathy said...

Here is the Canadian one - we are just starting out, but would love to have some company! http://www.canadianmemorychampionships.ca/