Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ben Pridmore's birthday is today

That's what Facebook tells me, anyway. But after a moment of confusion, I realised it was talking about that other Ben Pridmore I'm friends with, the one who's ten times cooler than me and is a fireman who used to have dreadlocks (we've never met, I only know him from occasional snippets of information in his Facebook status). I always forget his birthday is practically the same day as mine until I get this annual reminder.

My birthday is tomorrow. You can give me a present if you want.


Dai Griffiths said...

You can keep the black Speedstacks timer. That's a present.

Happy birthday Ben !

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday Ben!
We believe in you, we also in France - :)
Soon for the release of your guide in French!

Tomo said...

In Japan it's already 15th Oct, but maybe it's still 14th in UK.

Congratulations on your birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ben from another frenchman ( training and hoping to participate to the memory championships in the future ............) St├ęphan