Saturday, September 15, 2012


Tim, the awesome guy from the Attenborough Nature Reserve, created a brilliant black-and-white-patterned door sign for the conference room, announcing to the world that the British Othello Championships are happening there.

We've got seventeen competitors, which is a pretty good haul. I won two out of four on the first day, not bad going for someone as out of practice and generally mediocre anyway as I am. It's been much too long since I was in any kind of competition like this!

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Unknown said...

Hi Ben!
So how did the othello championships turn out yesterday? I'm trying to remember, is that the game that sort of looks like "Go" with the black and white stones?
Also, I finished using journey method to learn 200 new spanish words and 200 new french words. Found a book by Charles Berlitz, grandson of the Berlitz that started the language schools, called "80 words around the world", giving about 25 languages and the 80 most common words/phrases for a tourist to communicate. Fun reading. Now I'm reading "The Violinist's Thumb" by Sam Kean, about the discovery of genes. Also finished reading "Abundance-The future is better than you think" by Peter H. Diamondis (founder of X-prizes) and Steven Kotler. Postive, upbeat read on current and new technology to solve world issues.
Hope you have a fun day yesterday at the tournament.