Friday, June 22, 2012

Queen's Park and Rangers

Like most people, I'm really not interested in Scottish football at all, but I have been following the prolonged saga of Rangers and their amazing ability to get into more and more trouble as time goes on. It is a bit difficult to keep up with what's happening, though, because my usual first port of call for sports news is the BBC website, and in their strange way of occasionally being enormously biased for no obvious reason, the BBC are hugely anti-Rangers at the moment. But even so, and even if you ignore the BBC's assertion that Aberdeen have said they'll vote against admitting the new company to the Scottish Premier (the club themselves have loudly denied ever saying anything of the sort), there really does seem to be a possibility that Rangers won't be allowed to play in the SPL next year. Which is really unfathomable and goes against any kind of common sense, at least in the 'people want to make money and don't care about companies just not paying their bills and then wriggling out of it somehow' kind of common sense that football usually applies.

Still, I don't see why nobody's suggested Rangers applying to the English league instead. They've been whining about wanting to be allowed in there for years, and playing in the lower reaches of the English league has to be more lucrative than playing in the lower reaches of the Scottish. There are games there that are attended by two people and an apathetic elderly dog. Called Hamish. Actually, someone has probably suggested it by now, and someone else has probably told Rangers where they can put that suggestion if they do make it, but I haven't heard about it, and what I don't hear doesn't count as reality.

And as for the Scottish Premier League, what all those integrity-of-football people should do is go back to the olden days when Queen's Park, the amateur team who 'play for the sake of playing' and are run by a smaller number of slightly less dodgy businessmen, were allowed to play in the top division every year and were exempt from relegation. They could form a rivalry with Celtic, and everyone would be happy.

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