Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And I do my little turn on the catwalk

Extra bonus blog post tonight (so please, I'd hate to think of you missing my incoherent rambling about living on a street with the same name as me, scroll down and read that too), because I remembered I never posted these pictures of me. The people in Spain asked to see some snaps of me in different outfits so they'd have an idea how to dress me. So here we go with the fashion shoot...

What I happened to be wearing at the time I got the email - the T-shirt is the emblem of Samaritan from Astro City. Not Ultra Boy from the Legion of Super-Heroes, whose bird has more feathery wings, or any other superhero with a bird-themed emblem on their chest.

The T-shirt that always makes people point and laugh when they see it. More than they normally point and laugh at me, even.

The rather more stylish shirt that wouldn't look out of place on Carnaby Street in the 1960s as it exists in my mind.

The Man In Black. Words can't describe how cool I look. Not even the words "not at all cool".

Brazilian Mystery Cloak and T-shirt that looks like a dinner jacket. A great ensemble for everyday wear or for disguising yourself as Zephon, Master of the Fifth Galaxy.

The businessman look, albeit with the groovy playing-card tie that hints at eccentricity. I once went for a job interview wearing this, and I got the job, but was asked to wear a more boring tie. Those were the exact words.

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