Thursday, July 14, 2011

Now THAT was fun!

Without giving away any details, here's a summary of an email exchange with the good people at The Gadget Show:

I: So, you don't actually want me to do any kind of memory stunt?

They: No.

I: Nor anything that would require me to know the difference between an iPod and an iPad, nor how to work a mobile phone, nor to know anything about The Gadget Show or its subject matter?

They: That's right.

I: And for an hour's work, you're paying me...?

They: Two hundred pounds.

I: Okay.

And it's going to be great, too! I hugely recommend watching it, although it won't be on for several months (I'll remind you nearer the time). It's the first time I've been invited on a TV show to do something almost completely unrelated to memory championships! I'm a proper celebrity! And had fun filming it, too!

Anyway, now I'm going to St Louis, to be a laboratory guinea pig. See you all when I get back!

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WillEyedOney said...

Can I have you autograph? Or at least a copy of 'How to be Clever' :)