Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fascinating comickery

I found the Topper Book 1973 in a charity shop today and was intrigued to see among the adventures of Nick Kelly and Cedric, Desert Island Dick, Mickey the Monkey, Tiny the World's Biggest Dog, Beryl the Peril and the always awesome Whizzers from Ozz, there are two "Nancy" strips by Ernie Bushmiller, and one "Captain and the Kids" retitled "The Bustem Boys on Bunkum Island" but still with Rudolph Dirks's signature - both American and both dating from the forties or fifties. I had no idea these things had shown up in D C Thomson annuals. The internet seems only barely aware of the fact, too, so I thought I should share the news with everyone who reads my blog, just in case anyone cares.


aileen said...

Nancy was always in the Topper when I read it in 1953; she had a boyfriend called Sluggo. What I want to know is what happened to Big Fat Boko? He was good.

Dai Griffiths said... is back.