Sunday, October 03, 2010

I should be England manager

Watching the tail-end of "Can England Win The Next World Cup", and Gary Lineker thinks we need to invest in coaches and things to develop new players for the future. What nonsense. We've got plenty of good players, we just need to pick a team based not on who's an individual superstar, but on the best combination of eleven players who can work together well. I'm telling you, give me the job and we'll win every time. Also, it will save money, because I work for peanuts.

On another note, I should be prime minister. I could do both jobs, international football tournaments are held during the parliamentary summer recess.


Geoff said...

I'd vote for you. For both roles. When is the next election for England manager?

Zoomy said...

After we get knocked out of the European Championship in 2012. I think they're going to appoint the new England manager with a reality TV show and premium-rate phone-voting.