Sunday, August 22, 2010

Get your kicks on Cycle Route 6

I'd assumed it was going to be rainy and miserable again today, but in fact it was sunny and hot and just plain gorgeous all day long. It's real MSO-week weather - when I used to go to the MSO regularly, it was always baking hot for the whole week. I don't think the MSO saw a drop of rain until it had been running for five or six years.

So after a really quite fun photo session and interview this afternoon, I went out for a bike ride and followed the cycle route all the way from Beeston to Derby without getting lost this time. It's really great, it takes you on a long, winding scenic route through all the nice parts in between the two cities and almost none of the nasty parts. I'd recommend it to visitors who want to see the beauty of England at its finest but can't afford the DVD.

And then I got the train back home, because there is such a thing as too much exercise.

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Chris D. said...

I can remember some rainy commutes to and from MSO 2, at which I was working behind the registration desk. This doesn't necessarily contradict what you say, because the MSO did indeed hit good weather year after year. (Until Manchester, but Manchester is inherently wet, being west of the Pennines.)

Hurrah for the National Cycle Route! I borrowed a bike from our local Sustrans-run Active Travel Centre and rode up part of Route 1 and back the other day, but - just as you have done - I've long held plans to take a bike on a train to somewhere further along Route 1 and then ride all the way back. Hurrah also for train operators that permit bikes.