Thursday, February 26, 2009


It occurs to me that I'm going to have no time to get into any kind of practice routine for memory competitions for the next couple of weeks. Othelloing in Cambridge this weekend (so no blogging for the next couple of days, Zoomettes*), then New York the following weekend-and-a-bit (so again no blogs, most likely, from Wednesday to Sunday, Zoom-fans** - try not to forget about me).

*I've decided that followers of this blog should be called "Zoomettes"
**I've subsequently decided that "Zoomettes" sounds a bit silly and decided to phase it out of use

I really really need to do some long-discipline training, too. It's been a very, very long time, and I know I'm going to be rubbish when I finally sit down to do it. Almost as bad as I'm going to be at othello this weekend! I haven't played that, or thought about it, or found my clock, or anything for ages and ages.


Anonymous said...

bah - I really liked the Zoomettes - it made us sound like the backing group of a 60s pop singer!

SamT said...

Yep I am with David, Zoomettes sounded so much fun.
The Supremes/ Ronettes of the blog world!!

Anonymous said...

I should be free all of Sunday now, my flight is from JFK at 9pm, so all the morning and the first bit of the afternoon we could eat, drink and be merry.

But not so merry they deem me unfit to fly :P

Anonymous said...

Super Kali goes ballistic .....