Monday, November 17, 2008

It's nearly Christmas!

And, you know, I haven't seen much advertising and decorations yet. What's the world coming to? If you ask me, any time after Bonfire Night is perfectly okay to be Christmassy. Let's start singing carols and Cliff Richard songs!

(Yes, that really is all I've got to say tonight. But I think it was worth saying, don't you?)


Anonymous said...

How have you managed to miss all the Chritsmassy stuff? It's bloomin' everywhere! There's been a tree up in our local Tesco for a couple of weeks, I've been seeing ads on the TV for ages and there were decorations and cards in the shops while I was shopping for my Halloween costume!

When I was at school, you'd get in trouble for even mentioning the 'C' word before November was finished!

Cheeky~Bandit said...

Quite a few years ago a pub in Worksop had a number of Christmas parties and was offering Christmas dinners around June 25th.