Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hey, wait a minute, I've stopped being famous!

Apart from the Channel 5 photo shoot, I've got nothing lined up or likely to be lined up in terms of memory publicity. Does this mean I'm settling back into comfortable obscurity again? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Tell you what, let's call it a bit of breathing space to write my book and then decide if I want to try to publicise it.

Anyway, it's my birthday next Sunday! Thirty-one years old! Who'da thunk it? I'm going to think of some more new-year-of-my-life resolutions and see if I can achieve them this time. I'm not having the party till a fortnight afterwards, so perhaps I'll spend the day in quiet reflection wailing and lamenting my old age, screaming curses at the gods and attempting to hypnotise myself into believing I'm still a young vigorous twenty-something. Or maybe I'll go out drinking. We'll have to see.


Anonymous said...

Bloody Hell Zoomy, it's Hedgy Here, well in the USA.
I have been searching for "Poohsticks", feel the urge to throw a stick , and blow me down, shiver my timbers and it's been a queer year, not a bloody bridge in sight. What's happened?

Zoomy said...

Hiya, Hedgy! The bridge is gone, but may I recommend Facebook?