Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Upcoming mentalities

I've got next week off work, which I'll maybe even use productively in preparation for the UK Memory League Championship in Ascot on the Saturday and Sunday. It will, if nothing else, ease me back into the competing-in-more-memory-championships thing I'm planning for next year, and it will certainly be a lot of fun!

Then, if you want to see me in my capacity as a memory man (I was going to say 'professional', but that sort of implies I do these things for pay, rather than for free whenever someone asks me), drop by the museum in Oxford on November 17th for a sort of late-night intellectual lock-in. I'll be there, saying or doing something (next week will also be partly devoted to working out exactly what), and so will lots of other interesting people. Check it out!

And if even that isn't enough Memory Man Ben Pridmore for you, come to Lancaster University on November 30th/December 1st for Making Memories Intelligible, a workshop in which I will attempt to give a "keynote speech" that qualifies as "intelligible", in an obvious departure from my usual habits. I'm sure it'll be great!

Then, continuing the university theme, but in a more traditional board-gamey way, it's the Cambridge Christmas Othello Tournament, unusually close to Christmas this year on December 16th. I need to practice my othello quite a lot more, too. The World Championship is happening in Ghent next week, so follow all the excitement on the website, even though I won't be there!

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